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The Little Critter, 2lb Pulp Capacity, 55lb/25kg Weight Model

This Little Critter Hollander Beater is the most popular size for studio papermaking. It folds down to fit in a DHL 25 kg Express box for shipping. This machine can handle cotton and linen rag happily and is also designed to handle tough botanical fibres like flax, linen and hemp. It has Stainless steel bars and bedplate, the body is made from Aluminum with a tough PVC tub.
These Hollanders have been well tested by the Papermaking community. We have handmade over 650 of them over 23 years. There is a smaller 1lb version, it has a narrower Beater roll (15cm) but is the same 4 ft. length. It is ideal for traveling workshops and can pack down into a wheeled suitcase. It can be put away after use.

It will run on a 1/2 hp electric motor which you source locally and bolt on top. (they are uneconomic to ship from NZ)

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The Monster Critter, 10lb Pulp Capacity Model

This is the largest size, it can handle 10lbs of cotton rag/fiber in one batch. It is a hard tub made of 3mm aluminum sheet, with the bars and bedplate made of stainless steel. It is good for production papermaking and for large studio use. It will run on a 2hp electric motor which you source and bolt on top.
The beater roll runs comparatively slowly at 230rpm and is quiet and stress free in use.

This machine is shipped in a custom crate and comes by sea to your nearest freight hub.

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